• Microwave Powered Innovation

    MTC is an R&I and PD centre providing partners with innovative ideas to design microwaves 

    & RF assisted processes with a positive impact

  • Alongside our customers, we focus our passion and energy on turning innovations into solutions that deliver profitable and sustainable value to our society

    We aim to bridge the gap between academia and industry in the research, development, demonstration and scale-up of microwave-assisted technologies

  • Expertise

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    PD for SMEs & Multinationals


    Feasibility studies, IP, synergy with other energies (UV, IR, Hot air, etc.)

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    Demonstration-Scale Up

    Pilot facilities, scale-up and demonstration

    Equipment design and microwave process scale-up including economics (CAPEX, OPEX, ROIC)


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    Feedstock, process and product discovery

    Microwave innovation applied to different markets and industries

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    Microwave & RF technologies, basics and hands-on

    Microwave equipment, health & safety, plan and implementation

    Identification of in-house teams and their tailored training

  • Consultancy on microwave research & process development

    Our expertise covers a large range of applications and markets

    Agritech / Food & Beverages

    Drying, pest-control, pasteurisation, enzyme inactivation, biomass extraction


    Microwave-assisted plasma waste recycling, gas abatement, wood pyrolysis


    Cold plasmas for therapeutic applications, regenerative medicine, tumour treatment

    Chemistry & Chemicals

    Biomass extraction, catalysis, specialty chemicals, solvent removal and drying

    Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics

    Drying, pasteurisation,

    biomass extraction


    Gem lab-grown diamonds, thin film deposition, surface cleaning, sterilization


    Drying, sintering, synthesis of ceramics with specific dielectric properties

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