• "We work with academia and businesses of all shapes and sizes globally to help them deliver microwave-assisted processes with a positive impact."

    "Working across a wide range of industries, we provide customers with guidance, feasibility studies and support for the development of any microwaves and RF assisted process." 

    "With a team that holds over 15 years of experience in the market, we focus on R&I and PD, to bring you innovation, sustainability and expertise."

  • Who we are

    Our experienced team strives towards sustainable technology and creative collaborations

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    Dr. Marilena Radoiu, CChem & MRSC 

    Founder & Scientific Director


    Deep technical & scientific understanding, strategic mind set, business expertise and creativity achieved over more than 15-year international experience in bridging the gaps between academia, technology providers and end-users/industry.

    Marilena has extensive expertise in different international academic and industrial environments and her work includes the development of microwave-assisted technologies with applications to chemical synthesis, biomass extraction, plasma, food, among others.


    Dr. Marilena Radoiu has won four prestigious awards in relation to microwave-assisted technologies:
    * Trophy of Women of the Industry, R&D Woman Award, Paris, France (2019)
    * AMPERE 2019 Gold Medal, Valencia, Spain (2019)
    * Rustum Roy Award, 3rd Global Congress on Microwave Energy Applications, Cartagena, Spain (2016)
    * Rennes Innovation Award 2011 for Equipment & Technology, Rennes, France (2011)
    Click here to access a list of academic publications.



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    MSc. Eng. Ariel Mello

    Technical Director


    MSc in Electronics, specialised in wave-matter interaction and electromagnetic wave propagation in industrial RF and microwave technologies. Showing skills in the field of research and development of new products and applications. His expertise involves microwave components such as tuners, couplers, power combiners; design of RF electronic boards (synthesizers, power regulation circuits); start-up and troubleshooting of electron tube applications (magnetrons, triodes, klystrons), automation design, embedded systems programming. Ariel has over 10 years of international experience in industrial project management.