We provide in-depth understanding of microwave and RF technology, equipment and process

    Smart tailored training to plan and implement microwave systems in your business


    Standard and tailor-made training courses


    Fundamentals of microwaves & RF

    • Generation and propagation of electromagnetic waves
    • Wave/matter interaction. Energy absorption and heating
    • ISM frequency bands
    • Standard equipment


    Advanced microwaves & RF training

    • Impedance matching elements
    • Operation of the amplifier electronic tubes
    • Principles of equipment design via electromagnetic modelling

    Principles of design and choice of microwave & RF equipment

    • Feasibility testing
    • Energy balance, choice of frequency and industrial scale-up 
    • Utilities requirement for running industrial installations
    • Economics of the process: CAPEX, OPEX vs. ROIC

    We are happy to share our expertise via basic or advanced training programmes

    Advanced training on microwave & RF assisted processing

    • Biomass extraction, choice of solvents
    • Chemical synthesis in liquid, solid and gaseous phase
    • Microwave plasma assisted pyrolysis
    • Removal of water or solvents (drying)
    • Treatment and purification of industrial gas
    • Hybrid treatment - Synergy with other treatment methods (ultrasounds, UV, IR etc.)


    Engineering and set-up of microwave & RF equipment

    • Automation and system control
    • Process optimisation
    • Personnel and equipment safety
    • Maintenance planning and troubleshooting for industrial equipment and installations
    • Identification of manufacturers and suppliers of required equipment
    • Identification of internal skills and tailor-made training of teams
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